Ads Publication Rules

General Rules for Ads Publication (RGDA)


1. Acceptance of the General Rules for Ads Publication


1.1 The diffusion of a small ad (hereinafter "Announcement") published on the OPARADEALS.NET website published by SWK FAKEYE, implies for the advertiser the unreserved acceptance of these General Rules for the Distribution of Ads (RGDA ) to the express exclusion of all other or contrary conditions of the co-contractors of SWK FAKEYE, inserted in their information documents, letters, contracts, etc., received or to be received and of all professional uses contrary to these conditions, which conditions and uses will be considered unenforceable against SWK FAKEYE.


1.2 OPARADEALS.NET provides a community service aimed at protecting as much as possible fair and honest exchanges between users. The dissemination of an Ad is under the control of the advertiser. The OPARADEALS.NET community is self-constituted without SWK FAKEYE being able to be held responsible for the quality and actions of this community. Any user, advertiser or rights holder can report Ads that infringe their intellectual property rights through the "report a problem" function.


1.3 Any addition, erasure, modification or deletion which would be made on the present must, in order to be enforceable against SWK FAKEYE, be countersigned by the latter.


1.4 The fact that SWK FAKEYE does not avail itself at a given moment of any of the provisions of these general conditions of distribution cannot be interpreted as a waiver of its subsequent use.


2. Diffusion


2.1 The advertiser acknowledges being the sole and exclusive author of the text of the Advert. Failing that, he declares to have all the rights and authorizations necessary for the publication of this one.


2.2 The Advert is distributed under the exclusive responsibility of the advertiser.


2.3 The advertiser certifies that the Advert complies with all the legal and regulatory provisions in force and respects the rights of third parties. Consequently, the advertiser relieves SWK FAKEYE, its subcontractors and suppliers, of all responsibilities, and guarantees them against all convictions, legal and extrajudicial costs, which would result from any recourse in connection with the dissemination of the Advert and indemnifies them. for any damage resulting from the violation of this provision.


2.4 Without prejudice to the application of the previous clause, and without this creating an obligation to verify the content, accuracy or consistency of the Announcement, SWK FAKEYE reserves the right to refuse at any time a Announcement for any legitimate reason, and in particular elements of text (words, expressions, sentences, etc.), which it considers contrary to legal or regulatory provisions, good morals, the spirit of the publication, or likely to disturb or shock readers. Such a refusal does not give rise to any right to compensation for the benefit of the advertiser.


3. Limitation of responsability


3.1 Except for willful misconduct or gross negligence, SWK FAKEYE, its subcontractors and suppliers shall in no case be held liable for compensation, pecuniary or in kind, due to errors or omissions in the composition or translation of an advertisement, or lack of publication of any kind. In particular, such events may in no case give rise to the right to compensation in any form whatsoever.


3.2 Neither the advertiser, on the one hand, nor SWK FAKEYE, its subcontractors or suppliers, on the other hand, can be held responsible for any delay, non-performance or other breach of its obligations hereunder which ( 1) would result, directly or indirectly, from an event beyond its reasonable control, and (2) could not have been avoided by using precautionary measures, alternatives or other commercially reasonable means.


3.3 Neither the advertiser, on the one hand, nor SWK FAKEYE, its subcontractors or suppliers, on the other hand, can be held responsible for delays or inability to fulfill its contractual obligations, related to destruction of equipment , computer attacks or hacking, deprivation, deletion or prohibition, temporary or permanent, and for any reason whatsoever - including breakdowns or unavailability inherent to the hosting servers -, access to the Internet network.


3.4 SWK FAKEYE reserves the right to suspend or stop the dissemination of the OPARADEALS.NET site without being required to pay the advertiser any compensation of any kind.


3.5 OPARADEALS.NET is a community site for the publication of classified advertisements and in no case an intermediary between supplier and applicant. In other words, the responsibility of the company SWK FAKEYE can not be engaged directly or indirectly in the transactions which obey the general rules of the Civil Code. SWK FAKEYE reserves the right to take any legal action against people who have not respected this prohibition.


3.6 Any complaint, to be admissible, must be sent by letter or e-mail within forty-eight (48) hours from the date of publication on OPARADEALS.NET.


4. Are prohibited on the OPARADEALS.NET site


Any Announcement or message that does not comply with these prohibitions will be deleted indefinitely, without notice or other notification from SWK FAKEYE. This concerns both Ads without financial compensation (exchange, barter, loan, etc.) and Paid Ads.


4.1 General prohibitions

• Announcement too short, imprecise, using confusing vocabulary or loaded with too many abbreviations.

• Use of media (photos or videos) not directly related to the proposed article.

• Advert expressing the offer or the search for several articles in the same advertisement.

• The distribution of the same advertisement in multiple categories or sub-categories.

• Create and publish multiple ads with similar content.

• Ad promoting a private or professional website.

• Use racist, defamatory, abusive, pornographic, obscene language.

• Ad impersonating a person or a brand without their consent.

• Content engaging the responsibility or assuming the identity of SWK FAKEYE or its employees.

4.2 Purchase / Sale

• Tobacco, drugs and associated objects facilitating their transport or production and all dangerous and illegal substances (as defined by the legislation in force),

• New or used cosmetics, drugs (and medical accessories) and drugstore

• Firearms and the like: hunting traps, spare parts for firearms, expensive shut-offs, tear gas bombs, all types of pistols, revolvers or rifles: shot, lead or ball (list not limited).

• Protected plant and animal species: plants or animals protected by international conventions or in danger of extinction.

• Counterfeits of any product whatever its nature and destination.

• Illegal copies of any intellectual work whatever the medium and infringing the physical or intellectual property rights of its author or of a beneficiary.

• Sale / resale of stolen goods.

• Pharmaceutical products that have neither an authorization from the High Authority of Health nor a commercial license for distribution on French territory.

• Dangerous materials or dangerous products (as defined by the legislation in force): explosives, herbicides, pesticides, firecrackers and rockets for fireworks and associated objects facilitating their transport or production.

• Any used item with a malfunction that does not allow it to provide its service as on the day of its purchase.

• Any product or substance of the human body: blood products, bodily fluids or any other organ.

• False identity documents, personal and financial data, including false diplomas and official badges.

• Sale of information or any file of postal addresses or e-mails of a private or professional nature.

• False means of payment: banknotes, coins, bank cards, etc. (non-exhaustive list including associated objects facilitating their transport or production.

• Sale of securities: shares, bonds, stock options, etc. (non-exhaustive list).


4.3 Special conditions: Animals category

Law relating to dangerous and stray animals and the protection of animals specifies, among other things: "For dangerous animals known as 1st category (attack dogs) sterilization is compulsory and gives rise to a veterinary certificate ".

Thus, the sale of an adult attack dog is authorized provided that the animal has been sterilized and that its owner provides a copy of the vaccination certificate. The sale of puppies under 8 weeks old is prohibited.

In addition, the transfer of any pet, for payment or free, is subject to regulation:

A pet is understood to mean any animal held or intended to be kept by humans for their approval.

The identification obligation: prior to their transfer, free of charge or against payment, dogs and cats must be identified. Identification is mandatory for all dogs born after January 6, 1999 over 4 months old and for cats over 7 months born after January 1, 2012.

Prohibitions on acquisition and transfer: it is prohibited to transfer for valuable consideration dogs and cats less than eight weeks old. It is forbidden to acquire or transfer, free of charge or against payment, dogs belonging to the first category.

The ban on the transfer of pets in the context of certain events: the transfer, free of charge or against payment, of pets is prohibited in fairs, markets, flea markets, shows, exhibitions or any other events not specifically devoted to animals.

The conditions relating to the transfer by professionals: any sale of domestic animals must be accompanied, at the time of delivery to the purchaser, by the delivery:

• a certificate of transfer

• an information document on the characteristics and needs of the animal containing, if necessary, educational advice

• for sales of dogs, a veterinary certificate

The conditions relating to the transfer by individuals: any transfer for payment of a cat is subject to the issuance of a certificate of good health established by a veterinarian. Any free or expensive transfer of a dog must be accompanied by a certificate of good health.

The conditions relating to transfer offers: any publication of an offer to transfer cats or dogs, regardless of the medium used, must mention the professional's identification number or mention either the identification number of each animal, i.e. the identification number of the female who gave birth to the animals, as well as the number of animals in the litter.



The identification number of an animal is composed of 15 digits as follows:

• First 3 digits: country code (250 for France)

• 2 following: animal species (26 for cats and dogs)

• 2 following: laboratory code

• next 8: animal code

The transfer of animals on the public highway: it is forbidden to transfer an animal on the public highway.

The announcement must also include the age of the animals and the existence or absence of their registration in a herd book recognized by the Minister responsible for agriculture.


4.4 Special conditions: Meeting category

The posting of advertisements in this category is strictly prohibited to any person under the age of eighteen (18) years.

Announcement for any sexual act against financial or in-kind remuneration.


4.5 Special conditions: Service category

• Proposal of photo or video castings of an erotic or pornographic nature.

• Proposal of photoshoots or production of private videos.

• Announcement offering paid support: escort-girl or escort-boy.


4.6 Special conditions: Employment category

Offer and demand for a job as a dancer or stripper in a nightclub or similar establishments.

Offer of membership in a pyramid structure, membership in a club or multi-level marketing.

Any job offer whose description is imprecise or the expression of the function sought remains ambiguous.

Any job offer that does not include at least: detailed description of the proposed job, location, company name, salary (non-exhaustive list).

4.7 Special conditions: Real estate category


All the classifieds of individuals concerning the sale or the rental of real estate subject to the completion of an energy performance diagnosis, must include the label and the energy performance class of the housing concerned.


The distribution of your advertisement without the indication of the energy performance of the dwelling concerned does not comply with the regulations and your responsibility is likely to be engaged. Also, you are fully aware that the publication of your ad as is, despite the information provided, is done at your own risk.


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6. Miscellaneous


6.1 The OPARADEALS.NET and SWK FAKEYE brands and logos are registered by SWK FAKEYE. Without the agreement of the latter, any reproduction or use is strictly prohibited.


6.2 The General Rules for the Distribution of Ads (RGDA) constitute an extension of the General Conditions of Use of the OPARADEALS.NET site.


6.3 This list is not exhaustive and SWK FAKEYE reserves the right to delete indefinitely without notice of any kind or notification any Announcement or message that does not comply with these prohibitions.